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Design and Artwork Services Explained

Automated artwork charges explained

Commission artwork for your requirements

Artwork can be commissioned on the majority of our products.

This artwork will consist of your supplied or purchased photogarphs and your text images and logos being layed out a standard format.

All automated artwork charges are subject to maximum time limit which is based on £20 an hour. To find out how many hours have been added on calculate the price with and without artwork and the charge - the artwork charge based on the suggested number of hours to complete the artwork will the difference, the number of hours can be we will work on your artwork can be calculated by dividing the artwork charge by the hourly rate of £25.00.

Additional time required may be charged at rates from £15 to £35 an hour depeneding on the process required.

As every job is different we will keep you informed if the artwork cannot be completed within the allocated hours.

If you want you can tell us more what kind of artwork and look you are trying to achieve in the questionnaire below, this background information will help our graphics artists to come up artwork or if required work within your existing corporate guidelines.

We offer three artwork options.

  • From Customers Arwtork
    supply PDF file as per our guidelines
  • Basic Artwork - which consists of
    your text and images layed out as per your brief
  • Premier Artwork - we will provide a design
    for the elements to be included.
What we require
  • Purpose of printing
  • Is it part of a campaign
  • When is the deadline
  • You to register for online for optional communications like text alerts / private messaging you will be able to also store and view your quotations, jobs, deliveries and invoices.

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We offer three

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