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Wheel Cover Lettering & Graphic Prices

When it comes to 4 x 4 wheel covers, we offer the semi rigid SR advance black wheel cover blank, it is extremely versatile and fits most models. The SR blank cover can be customised using self-adhesive vinyl or digital prints, both options are available printed from your artwork, or designed to your specifications using our artwork team.
Scroll down for more information and example vans or call 0808 144 2926 0808 144 2926. Alternatively fill out our vehicle lettering enquiry form.

Wheel cover examples of work.

Supplying vinyl for self-application.

Self application of vehicle lettering is relatively easy if you follow the guide we give you and watch the application videos on the links we will send you.

Please Note : We only offer an application service within the central belt of Scotland. However, we would consider appointing an agent in your local area to apply the vinyl to your vehicle if you prefer.
We can supply application ready vinyl and replace any vinyl should you damage them at a discounted rate. You will also receive a vehicle lettering application guide, an application kit should you require it and a laminated design of the vehicle to assist you when applying the vinyl.

Your vinyl application kit.

We can supply you with
  • An application kit
  • A vinyl application guide book.
  • A laminated colour drawing of your vehicle with the graphics in place.